Friday, March 13, 2009

My Handsome Hubby

This is my sweet hubby. I thought I would write alittle about him. Not only is he handsome but he is the sweetest man I know. From the first day I met him, he has always been a gentleman, and so sweet to me. Whenever or wherever we go, Mark will always hold my hand, always. We love to be together. Mark loves to go fishing, and wishes I loved it too. He goes fishing with his buddy when he gets a chance, and I love to see him so happy!
Mark loves Sci Fi movies, computer games, computer tech stuff, fishing, camping, hiking and playing cards with family. He is a great Dad, and loves to be with Kyle, throwing a ball, helping him with his homework, or just being crazy.

This year Mark finally passes me up and turns 40. I stopped having birthdays a few years ago!!!!! I love that he is mine and that we can share anything with eachother. Thank you Mark for 17 wonderful years, only 33 more to go and we can dance at our 50th wedding anniversary!!!

I love you!

The Fleshman Family!!

We are heading on down the road this weekend to go see these wonderful people!!!! This is an old picture but the same great family!!!!!

It has been awhile since we have been to Redmond for a visit, i guess it was Thanksgiving time! It is always nice to go spend time with them, we always have lots of fun and laughs and the kids get along just great!!!!

I am so lucky to have such a great brother. He has always been there for me. Always protecting me. In high school I was not Carie Fleshman, I was John Fleshmans Little Sister, and that was fine with me!!!!! He always made me proud to have him as my big brother! Thanks John, I love you!!!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

WE....are a Baseball Family!!!

I have a ball player. (and a mighty cute one at that.) Just look at him in this pic, all cool with his shades on. He loves baseball. That is his only sport he plays, and he plays it well. In the Spring and early summer, you can always find us at the field watching him play, it is awesome.

Yesterday was tryout day for his age group. He moves up to Juniors this year. Tryouts were 4 hours, and they judged the players on skills, to be able to place the boys on certain level teams: National, American, or Federal. If we got a call last evening, that meant you have to go back today to show more of your skills, in order for them to place you on a American or Federal team. ....................Kyle got a call back. It is so cool too cause the guy that calls doesnt' just talk to Mark, he asks to talk to Kyle, so he can tell the ball player that they want to see more of his skills. He is thrilled that he gets to play ball again today..............then tonite we should get a call to see what team he made it on.

A couple weeks ago my dad was here and he wanted to get Kyle some Catching Gear. He took Kyle to Dicks Sporting Goods and they had lots of fun trying all the stuff on. Kyle is a Great catcher, and rarely does anything get by him. We hope that with his catching gear he will be able to catch more this year. Kyle and Papa John have a deal for the season. Something about 3 homeruns will get him a new bat.................lets see if he can do it!!!!!!

We are just excited for baseball to start. As soon as we see the sign go up at the baseball field every year, that signups are happening, we all get thrilled. I always tell Kyle that just seeing the sign makes me smile. I look forward to many more baseball seasons, watching my son do what he loves to do. ( this parenting thing turns out to be pretty darn great!!!!) When it is baseball season all of our plans revolve around games. It is fun to have Grammy and Papa, Papa John, Uncle John, Aunt Sandra, Chessy and Josh, come for a visit and take them to a game too!!! I can't wait!

Here we go...................................Batter UP!!!!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Oh it has been awhile.....

............well I don't know what happened, I guess it was just life that happened. We have been busy with everything, and trying to be happy in all that we do. With things the way they are
right now it is hard to keep smiles on our faces, but we live life one day at a time, enjoyng the beauty.

I am going to try to blog more. I am having troubles getting my pics posted on here, but maybe
I can get "someone" to help me with the computer tricks!!!

Check back here soon for more updates!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

What a weekend!!!

Wow, we had such a great long weekend up in Seattlefor our Yankee Game Weekend!!! We left Friday afternoon and headed to Seattle, checked into our hotel and then went to grab dinner and then swim in the pool. Saturday morning we got ready, had breakfast (our hotel had a awesome continental breakfast so we took advantage of that) then headed on to Seattle for the day. We went to Pike Street Market, the very first Starbucks, and down to the water for more shops. We had such a good time watching them throw fish, seeing all the beautiful flowers and vegies, and just watching people. We then headed to IKEA, trying to waste some time before we had to meet Dan and Andrea for the ball game. 3:00 we met at Pyramid Brewery across from Safeco Field for dinner before the BIG game. We were so excited to walk into Safeco field and once we got inside it was so amazing. We got to see bating practice and pitching practice. I think I got alittle starstruck, seeing all my favorite players ( Johnny Damon!!!!) up close. It was awesome. The game was so fun, Yankees won 7 to 3, and seeing them play in person is so surreal!

Sunday we slept in, had breakfast, did some shopping, then headed over to the Rodriguez's new home for a visit. It had been a long time since we had seen all of them and it was so nice to sit and chat while the kids played. We may have stayed alittle too long but we sure enjoyed our time with them, and hope to see them more often now.

We headed home about 5:30 and got home and relaxed a bit before going to bed. It is really nice to go away,but like Dorothy says, there really is....."No place like home!"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just looking at this picture makes me cry. Last week our little puppy who was just turning 1 yr. got out, ran in the street and hit by a car. His little body just couldn't handle that, and he passed away. Kyle is devastated, and we are all sad. It is so strange to come home and not hear little Max whining to get out of his kennel, or coming up to you and licking your entire face. We sure miss our little guy,he was part of the family. I think even Kaiba, our cat, as much as they fought and he hissed at Max, misses the little guy. Kyle and I did a little memorial outside, planted 2 plants and made a little cross, and put a little toy of Max's there. We are going to make a stepping stone with his name on it too.

We miss you are loved.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

5 Random things about Me!!!!

I have seen other bloggers do this and it is kindof fun to learn different things about here is my list:
1. I am a total "Girlie Girl". My friends tease me about this, but I just can't help it. I love all the cutesy things, hate to be dirty, and love to have tons of curls in my hair.
2. I love to watch sappy romance movies and cry. Then watch them again and cry again. Kyle can't believe that I cry so much in movies.
3. I love PINK. My all time favorite color is Red, but secretly I like pink. ( not so much a secret anymore!) Guess it goes along with the girlie girl and princess thing I have going on!)
4. I love being a Wife and Mom. My boys (hubby and son) are my life. I would do anything for them.
5. I have a sock fetish and a purse fetish and can't have enough of either of them!!!
Share your Random 5!!!!!!

Wow 2008...........................

(one of my favorite pictures of my sweet "not-so-little" Kyle!)

.................seems like the holidays flew by so quickly, I dont' think I even got a chance to take one picture!

I have added lots of new links to the page. It is so fun to keep in contact this way, see pictures of my cousins, and share family events. I will be adding more pictures soon. Besides family photos , I also post my cakes on here too..............which will be added here soon also as I just got done doing a bridal show to show off new cake designs.

Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big Time UpDates!!!! computer is fixed...( thank you Markie!!!), and the photos I have been looking for have been found. So, here is an update from the past 3 months..............past to present!!!!!
Kyles Birthday, was as he says, the best party ever. Funny how you can spend hours planning birthday parties ( as I always have in the past) and the one year you just relax, and just let stuff happen, it turns out to be the best party ever!!!! We had a sleepover party with about 5 boys and they had a ball. Lots of basketball, and laughs, and then playing on the new Wii game Kyle got for his birthday!
Kyle's birthday cake.......He doesnt' like cake, he likes icecream, so I had to make him an ice cream cake. ( how is it that a cake decorators son does not like cake???!!!!!!!!!)
My sweet boy!!!

First day of school.
Kyle has Style!!!
......well sometimes!!!!!
"24 ....36....hut hut HIKE.............."
Kyle tried football this year, didnt' really like it, but it was a good experience for him.

Ready for a tackle.....what a cutie!!!!
Ready to tackle???.....or.................Constipated???????
Just hanging around!!!!

We had fun carving pumpkins this year...............................

This one is Mine!!!!

Kyle hoarding all his candy after Trick Or Treats

This is Kyles

This is Dads!!!!

We met Willy Wonka when we were out trick or treating!!!!!

We got invited to a Halloween Costume Party that was in the neighborhood, we had a great time!!!!

Here are our costumes!!!

Napoleon Dynamite and Scream...........( kyle is Scream!!!!!!!)
Ooooh Scary!!!!
Minnie Mouse!!!
Our scary Front looked so cute, got lots of compliments on it!!!!!