Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

Here are a few photos of our day! I took some pictures of Kyle and he took one of me!!!!
This is a forced smile, he was upset that he couldn't open presents!!!!
Just me!!!!
Kyle playing his new game, Mario Kart??, on his Nintendo DS Lite!!
Here he is telling everyone how old he is now!!!
Bored Bored Bored!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Mark and I just celebrated our 13th year anniversary yesterday. With the new house and everything we need to do for that, I figured that was our gift to eachother...........then Mark shows up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card, and a starbucks gift card for me. I cooked dinner, fell asleep on the couch, then ended up burning dinner!! We had a nice evening, talking about our plans for the house and sharing some laughs!!!
Here are my beautiful flowers!!!!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie, I Love You!!!!

Country girls!!!

A much needed Girls Nite Out. My old friend Julie and I took a nite off from being Mommies and Wives and went out and had one of our country dancing nites like we used to when we were single! OH WHAT FUN!!!
Here we are at Bushwackers, talking with friends and ordering a salad!
Just getting started, the dancing had just begun. It was so hot that nite, we were sweating but so worth it!!
Ahh, our old buddy Bob. We had such great times with him.........I will always cherish the memories, especially that wonderful beach trip day, the day that never ended!!!!
Thanks Julie, Love ya!!!

The End of Summer??

Well it has been a very busy summer, but it is all coming to a close rather quickly. With my new job I have not been able to take time off, but we have had fun on weekends. Kyle and I have had lots of quality time this summer, enjoying our afternoons at the pool. Mark is on vacation till Sept 5 now, so he and Kyle will make their Grand Slam trip up to Seattle this week to see the YANKEES play the Marniers. I am sure they will have fun, I will just be home, someone has to work!!!!
Here are some photos to share, crazy ones of Kyle and I, along with the kayaking trip we went on with Amanda, what fun!!!!
Another crazy photo of us, I just love these pictures!!!
Kyle in the Kayak. We were in a tandem kayak, Kyle up front and he helped paddle. We had alot of laughs. Saw an Owl, 3 Blue Herrons, a Northern Harrier, and a beaver on this trip on the Tualitin River!
My dear friend Amanda, guiding us down the river.
Horrible picture of me, but I had to prove that I really did kayak. This was on the hot day of summer of 106 degrees!!!
A great picture of Kyle relaxing on his bed!!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Dream Come True...........

After years of waiting and putting it off, Mark and I finally decided to embark on our next adventure...........Home Ownership. We had been looking almost every nite for 3 weeks at different homes. Including Kyle in on the decision too, cause we all have to be happy. Last Sunday, we set out with our Realtor to see two homes. The first home was a cute little house on a nice street, with a nice yard of mostly lawn, perfect for us as we are not gardeners, however the house had more to be desired. So we moved on to the second house. The house was cute but has a very overgrown yard and something we thought we didnt' want.........THEN, we stepped in the house, and the whole story changed.................
Here it is..............
Lots of trees and bushes, going to need Moms help here!!!!!!
Dining room, we have lots of painting to do, getting rid of the pink dining room
A big beautiful kitchen, getting rid of the mint green and the vines on the walls.
The backyard complete with a treehouse for Kyle!!!!
The family room..............brand new carpet throughout the house. A/C, 3 bed, 2 bath, on a corner lot..............we are in love with this house and cannot wait to move in!!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

More SUMMER fun!!!!

..........yes he is always this fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............he lives in this pool!!!!................................................... and mommy gets kissed by the sunshine!!

another creation!!!

This cake is done all in browns and ivory. The bride and I designed it from ideas from different wedding cakes. It was lots of fun to do, and some of my first experiments working with fondant.


Just a fun picture of me and my son being crazy!!!! We love to laugh and take crazy pictures, this was just one of those days!!!