Friday, August 17, 2007


After a few years of promises for Kyle, we finally got a puppy!!! Meet the newest member of our family...........this is Max...........Maxi.........Maximillion..............he is 3 months old, a Dapple Mini Doxie and it just so flippin' cute!!! He runs around with his short stubby legs and big paws so out of control with his ears flopping. Then you pick him up and he licks your whole face!!!! So fun!!! He and the cat, Kaiba, are getting along ok, Kaiba doesn't quite know what to think of this little thing!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Off to STATE!!!

Baseball season we great this year, best year yet!!!!! Kyles team did so well in regular season they made it to State in Eugene. Grammy and Papa, Uncle John, Aunt Sandra, Chessy and Josh all came down during the long weekend to see him play!!!! The team did well, took 5th out of 12 teams. We were very proud. What a awesome way to end the season!!!! Here are a few photos to enjoy!!!!!

New Wedding cakes!!

Here are a couple of cakes I did this week...........not the traditional wedding, but oh so cool!!!!

Bathroom Remodel!!!

Ok.......after a year I finally did something with my sons bathroom. It is small, but I think it turned out nice. I am so proud I did this all by myself.............


My son discovered WATERMELON at his 1st birthday party, he had just learned how to walk, and he had watermelon in his hand the whole time!!!

Advance 9 years later, and as you can see it is still his favorite. Today I cut some watermelon and sent him out to the porch to eat it. These are the fun shots I got!!!!!