Friday, August 10, 2007

Off to STATE!!!

Baseball season we great this year, best year yet!!!!! Kyles team did so well in regular season they made it to State in Eugene. Grammy and Papa, Uncle John, Aunt Sandra, Chessy and Josh all came down during the long weekend to see him play!!!! The team did well, took 5th out of 12 teams. We were very proud. What a awesome way to end the season!!!! Here are a few photos to enjoy!!!!!

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Jolie Rodriguez said...

When are you coming to visit us so Kyle can see the Yankees play? You know we only live 2 hours from NYC. We would love to have you. As soon as you feel Kyle is old enough to fly on his own, you could send him out also. Go Yankees!!!!! We are big fans too. We'll be going to see the Pittsburg Pirates play on Friday for Audrey's birthday.