Monday, October 16, 2006

Fun Painting the walls!!!!

Now that the painting is done, it is time for the FUN painting to begin!!!! This is on the wall in my kitchen. I did chalkboard paint and then painted a frame to look like wood and painted the Menu word and the grapes and vines. I have always wanted to do this type of painting on the wall, hmmm I may have to do somemore!!!
Kyle is excited to write notes on the chalkboard. My goal is to plan the weeks menu... we'll see how long that lasts!!!! In the meantime it looks really great on the wall!!!! ( thanks to my brother John for giving me tips on how to paint the wood frame and make it look real!!, how did I do John???!!!)

Wanna See????

OK, here it is. We are pretty much settled. Seems like it took forever to get everything in place, painted and make this house feel like our Home..............but indeed we did it!!!!!
Here is a pic of the front room, the new couches ( they are not this color, the camera does something, they really are a pretty chocolate brown!) and the new 50" TV!!! Still need some artwork on the walls, but that can wait a bit!!
Here is the kitchen, with pub table and all. I just love my kitchen!!!

The dining room. I changed the hutch a bit took off some doors and displayed my red dishes, it looks so pretty!!!

Our Bedroom. We wanted something totally different, and romantic. This is our little getaway, we love it!!! alittle messy in the pic, sorry!!!

The entry way. A whole different look than when we first stepped in these doors!!!
We are so happy here. We did alot of work, and it was fun but we are exhausted. Sunday was our first day that we could actually relax and take a nap!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Sneak Peek!!!

Just a little sneak peek at what got delivered today...........finally!!!!
So new I haven't even taken the tags off yet!!!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


"HOME"..........that is the word that means everything to us now! We are all moved. The move was very hard on all of us, physically and emotionally. After a month of living in Limbo, it is finally settling down and our house is feeling like "HOME"!
Today, was a turning point in getting settled. We have been feeling like we are living in someone elses house. Finally got the computer room together and stuff hung on the walls. The decorations are working great. We are picking and choosing what to hang, and for the first time since we have been married, Mark is really into decorating the house. It is fun to do it together. Kyles room is turning out great, just have to add a few more Yankee items!
I dont' have any new pictures to add yet. I am waiting for the sofa, loveseat and ottoman to be delivered and set before I take pictures! New pictures will be up this week.
For now I am taking a break and enjoying our new "HOME!"