Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just looking at this picture makes me cry. Last week our little puppy who was just turning 1 yr. got out, ran in the street and hit by a car. His little body just couldn't handle that, and he passed away. Kyle is devastated, and we are all sad. It is so strange to come home and not hear little Max whining to get out of his kennel, or coming up to you and licking your entire face. We sure miss our little guy,he was part of the family. I think even Kaiba, our cat, as much as they fought and he hissed at Max, misses the little guy. Kyle and I did a little memorial outside, planted 2 plants and made a little cross, and put a little toy of Max's there. We are going to make a stepping stone with his name on it too.

We miss you are loved.