Sunday, January 28, 2007


Cake for a friend, all done in chocolate....roses, ruffles and banner. This was a beautiful cake!
This is one of my favorites, all done in browns. filigree work and fondant flowers.
A huge wedding cake, this took two of us to set up and we had to stand on ladders on the table,it was scary!!

Some of my artwork!

Ok, a few of my friends always ask me if I can post some of my cakes on here. I never really think about that, but since you wanted to see, here is a small sampling. I don't have many pictures, but I will find more!!!!
Winnie the Pooh, the Hunny Pot!
A spring Floral, one of my favorites....Daffodils!
A bridal shower cake, violets, with Stringwork!
Sugared cherries, fondant loops, a very pretty cake!
Bridal shower cake with Filigree scrolls, all freehand!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A snowman!

What a fun day..............he is short , he is cute and has personality! We had fun outside with Kyles buddies building a small snowman!!! and of course he had to have a NY baseball hat on!!!

The sweetest faces................

My sweet boys............ok my son and my hubby, still my boys!!!!!I just love them so much!!

Snow Day!!!

Fun day in the snow. Kyle got the day off of school and could not wait to get out there and play. Our driveway was a sledding hill for the morning, then it was off to the end of the street for snow football!!!! I snapped these pictures as Kyle was heading out after lunch in dry-again clothes!!!

Christmas pictures...finally!!

Just a few shots from Christmas eve and Christmas morning! Kyle received a hat that he has been wanting for about a year, what a cool Grammy and Papa he has!!! Look at that cute little face!

His favorite car, in Remote Control from his Aunt Trish!

Our sweet cat Kaiba, rests on the couch.