Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The End of Summer??

Well it has been a very busy summer, but it is all coming to a close rather quickly. With my new job I have not been able to take time off, but we have had fun on weekends. Kyle and I have had lots of quality time this summer, enjoying our afternoons at the pool. Mark is on vacation till Sept 5 now, so he and Kyle will make their Grand Slam trip up to Seattle this week to see the YANKEES play the Marniers. I am sure they will have fun, I will just be home, someone has to work!!!!
Here are some photos to share, crazy ones of Kyle and I, along with the kayaking trip we went on with Amanda, what fun!!!!
Another crazy photo of us, I just love these pictures!!!
Kyle in the Kayak. We were in a tandem kayak, Kyle up front and he helped paddle. We had alot of laughs. Saw an Owl, 3 Blue Herrons, a Northern Harrier, and a beaver on this trip on the Tualitin River!
My dear friend Amanda, guiding us down the river.
Horrible picture of me, but I had to prove that I really did kayak. This was on the hot day of summer of 106 degrees!!!
A great picture of Kyle relaxing on his bed!!!!!

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