Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wow 2008...........................

(one of my favorite pictures of my sweet "not-so-little" Kyle!)

.................seems like the holidays flew by so quickly, I dont' think I even got a chance to take one picture!

I have added lots of new links to the page. It is so fun to keep in contact this way, see pictures of my cousins, and share family events. I will be adding more pictures soon. Besides family photos , I also post my cakes on here too..............which will be added here soon also as I just got done doing a bridal show to show off new cake designs.

Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy!


mewilkins said...

Hi Carie,
It's your little cousin Melissa. This is awesome, now I feel like I'm a part of your lives! I love you!
Melissa Wilkins

mewilkins said...

And I know I just posted, but you must be updating right now, and Kyle is the cutest kid ever!

Marty and Debbi said...

Melissa was so excited!!!! I will tell the rest of the kids you guys are on You need to get John to do some more, or teach sandra or Chessy even. I want to see more of them too!

Jolie Rodriguez said...

Hi Carie, I like the new look on your blog. Tell kyle to stop growing! He is too cute! Love you guys!


Carie,my mom didn't tell us about your blog...I guess she wanted to keep it a secret. I found the link on her page, so I hope you don't mind! I love seeing all the pics of Kyle(and you guys too). He and Jake really are growing too fast. Remember when we had them playing on the floor together when they were babies at Ella's? Also, I love your cakes. You are really talented in so many ways! Love, Rebecca