Saturday, November 17, 2007

Big Time UpDates!!!! computer is fixed...( thank you Markie!!!), and the photos I have been looking for have been found. So, here is an update from the past 3 months..............past to present!!!!!
Kyles Birthday, was as he says, the best party ever. Funny how you can spend hours planning birthday parties ( as I always have in the past) and the one year you just relax, and just let stuff happen, it turns out to be the best party ever!!!! We had a sleepover party with about 5 boys and they had a ball. Lots of basketball, and laughs, and then playing on the new Wii game Kyle got for his birthday!
Kyle's birthday cake.......He doesnt' like cake, he likes icecream, so I had to make him an ice cream cake. ( how is it that a cake decorators son does not like cake???!!!!!!!!!)
My sweet boy!!!

First day of school.
Kyle has Style!!!
......well sometimes!!!!!
"24 ....36....hut hut HIKE.............."
Kyle tried football this year, didnt' really like it, but it was a good experience for him.

Ready for a tackle.....what a cutie!!!!
Ready to tackle???.....or.................Constipated???????
Just hanging around!!!!

We had fun carving pumpkins this year...............................

This one is Mine!!!!

Kyle hoarding all his candy after Trick Or Treats

This is Kyles

This is Dads!!!!

We met Willy Wonka when we were out trick or treating!!!!!

We got invited to a Halloween Costume Party that was in the neighborhood, we had a great time!!!!

Here are our costumes!!!

Napoleon Dynamite and Scream...........( kyle is Scream!!!!!!!)
Ooooh Scary!!!!
Minnie Mouse!!!
Our scary Front looked so cute, got lots of compliments on it!!!!!


Jolie Rodriguez said...

Love the update Carie! Your front porch was so cute at Halloween. But I think I like the picture of Mark at Halloween the best. Too funny! Miss you guys!!

Wingnut said...

Hey girl, I tried to post the other day and blogger was freaking out, i couldn't view the images. All better today. Thanks for the updates, I love to see pics!

Yep, 2 dogs and loving it, I am fulla surprises I tell ya! I always wonder why people think it's weird I got a dog? I never DIDN'T have a dog until I met Tony :)

Marty and Debbi said...

Hey girlie I finally found ya agin I love it reading about you all It's so much fun Hope you get this soon Give us all a peek Love you!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

wow, those pumpkins are amazing! your son is gorgeous!