Sunday, September 17, 2006

Painting Party!!!

OK, here are some Painting pics and After pictures mixed in. (To see the before pictures......look at a previous post of mine titled A Dream Come True.) My Mom and Stepdad, Brother and sister in law came over and we had a painting party!!! We got entry way, front room dining room, kitchen, hallway,and our sons room all painted in one day, 6 of us painting!!!!
My new kitchen. I have had a 2 butt kitchen, and a 3 butt kitchen, I am thinking this is at least a 6 butt kitchen!!!!!! Glad to see the green crap gone!!!
My Mom and My stepdad Jack painting the entryway!!
Our Family room, complete with the housewarming gift from my brother and his family, a copper vase with fall deco, perfect colors for the new decor!!!
Here we are, Mark and I painting our first home!!!!
Mark and John rolling a long!!!!!!!!!!!!

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